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About Us

Reservoil is one of the  leading marketing & Consultancy companies in upstream oil industry. We make endeavours first to understand customer needs, and then suggest a suitable technology at optimum cost. We ensure that front - line technology is recommended. We are well equipped to deliver world class consultancy services related to the domain of geosciences reservoir and production engineering.

We earned the reputation as a marketing consultancy company through our efficient, honest & disciplined effort since 1998. We are in this business for almost a decade, working with professional excellence.

At present we represent a number of worldwide reputed companies & their highly reputed products & services as the marketing partner in India.
Through the last few years our activities got extended from marketing solutions to data consultancy, like Seismic data transcription, Well log & seismic data digitization, 2D & 3D Seismic data processing & interpretation, Special case studies on gas chimney analysis, advanced stratigraphic analysis in the domain of geoscience. We have also entered into the field of reservoir engineering & petroleum engineering solutions as training and consultancy. We also provide domain experts for specific engineering problems.   

Reservoil has a team of competent engineers to bridge the communication gap between customers and our principals. It is our policy to keep ourselves updated with technical development and nuances of technology development to meet the demanding applications for exploration and production at cheaper cost.


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