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Subsurface reservoir data acquisition instruments

Quartz Pressure Gauges
Sapphire Pressure Gauges
Sapphire Pressure Gauge with External Temperature
Side Pocket Mandrel Pressure Gauge
Wellhead Data Recorder
Single Channel Data Acquistion Logger
Production Logging Systems
Compact Production Logging System
SPSRO Permanent Monitoring System
Line Management Systems
Multi-cycle Shut In Tool
Gauge Bundle Carrier
Hostile Environment Acquisition Tool (HEAT)

Geophysical instruments

Geophones & Allied accessories:

Land Geophone Strings (05-31,10) source:4
Marsh Geophone Strings (05-31,10) source:1
Desert Geophone Strings (05-31,10) source:e
3 Component Geophone (05-31,10) source:4
Land 1X1 Geophone String with Muller Clip (05-31,10) source:b
Land 1X1 Geophone String with Spring Clip (05-31,10) source:6
Geophone Elements (05-31,10) source:7
SS-10PD( Equivalent to 32CT) Geophone Element (05-31,10) source:a
SS-10PN ( Equivalent to SM-24) Geophone Element (05-31,10) source:6
Hydrophone (05-31,10) source:c
Seismic Refraction Cable with NK 2721 Connector(s) and Take outs (05-31,10) source:2
Geo-cables (05-31,10) source:1
MP-16 Connector (05-31,10) source:8
408 Series (05-31,10) source:a
Dual 5515 Connector (05-31,10) source:4
Adaptors (05-31,10) source:3
Herma 4 Connector (05-31,10) source:1
NK- 2721 Connector (05-31,10) source:7
Split Spring and Take-out (05-31,10) source:1
Geophone Case and Spike (05-31,10) source:b

Seismic data recorder: Recording System2 with QUAD Array Interface (NTRS2 QAI) was developed to acquire and record large quantities of data in real-time. The NTRS2 QAI is a lightweight, portable, high resolution recording system that can manage multiple streamers.
Distributed Acoustic Streamer Sections

Telemetry System
Ocean Bottom System

Digital Array: Digital Array incorporates innovative manufacturing technology for increased array durability and ease of use in the demanding applications of today’s streamer operations

Digitizing Modules: 12 or 24 Channel 24bit Digitizing Modules.


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